5 Key benefits of Hydro-Jetting drain lines!

5 Key benefits of Hydro-Jetting drain lines! If you are constantly plagued with clogged or slow draining drain then hydro-jetting maybe the perfect solution for you. It is designed for commercial, industrial, and residential homes and business that are known for getting sewage and grease related backups. If you own a restaurant, laundromat, or some type of industrial business then hydro-jetting is a great solutions for you. Why you ask? well because rather than using cables or harmful chemicals that in time can destroy or lower the life of sewer system. Hydro-jetting is just simply a hose that shoots high pressure water throughout your pipes scouring and cleaning the walls and any build up and debris out of the line. If you have roots, grease, rocks or just about anything else in your line then hydro-jetting is about the only thing that will clear them out other than replacing them. So what are some of the benefits of Hydro-Jetting?
Key benefits of Hydro-Jetting

1. Eco Friendly – does not require any harsh chemicals or solvents that are harmful to the environments and can break down your sewer systems over time. 2. Better Results – while cables and augers may clear out the blockage right then chances are it will return due to the buildup in the line which is not cost effective. However, jetting your lines will clear out any buildup, roots, grease etc. out of your lines preventing future problems. 3. Customized to Fit – the hoses used for jetting come in many different sizes here at GFB Plumbing we will select the correct size hose for your line giving the best amount of pressure to clear and clean out your line. 4. Preventive Maintenance – by jetting your lines you will be helping to prevent future clogs therefore saving you time and money. After all no one wants to deal with a backed up sewer main in the middle of the night meaning extra charges such as emergency service fees that can become very costly. 5. Preventive Maintenance programs – are great source for business that have grease traps or systems where they are constantly having great amount debris in the system. A maintenance program is where you have your system cleaned about every 6 months preventing any buildup from getting started and simply scouring out the system. Meaning no unexpected clogs to interfere with you daily routine.
Benefits of Hydro-Jetting

These are just a few benefits of hydro- jetting there are so many other reasons we could go on about these benefits but you get the idea!
How about the cost of hydro jetting – well surprisingly it is not that bad in comparison to the old fashion way of clearing your lines. While having the cabled will run you about 150 – 200 dollars and then running the chance of having to call someone back out after the clog returns costing another 150 200 totaling about 400 dollars. Having them jetted will run about 275 an hour for the first hour and 250 thereafter although this can vary depending on who you call. However, if you are on preventive maintenance program chances are you maybe can reduce that cost even more so always check with your local plumber to see what they offer. Here at GFB Plumbing depending on the job and severity of the clog we try to give the best price we are a lot lower than many of our competitors who charge about 350 dollars an hour. So if you are in the DFW area give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss the benefits of hydro jetting your system. And making an appointment to come out and inspect your system to better quote you a reasonable offer on a preventive maintenance program.

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